About Us


Anudando, S.A. de C.V. (“Anudando” or the “Company”) is an organization with a social focus, promoting the re-use and recycling of materials through craft techniques and strategic design. We are currently working with textile communities from the State of México, Michoacán, and Querétaro, where we are developing products of traditional origins with a contemporary outlook. All our products are fair trade, of the most high quality craft techniques that through their tactile and visual qualities reflect the unique stories of each of our craftsmen.


To be the number 1 design social enterprise in Mexico that promotes Mexican culture and crafts with sustainable principles.


To preserve Mexican crafts and the environment by designing innovative sustainable products for a contemporary world, thus promoting the circular economy and recycling.



Anudando strongly believes that everyone in the value chain should receive a fair pay for their work. That is why everyday we work towards achieving not only a fair pay but a confortable, safe and empowering working place therefore offering better opportunities for everyone in the team.


Mexico is one of the richest countries in folk crafts, and Anudando intends to help maintain this.  Our aim is to help preserve these crafts in a more contemporary world, by introducing innovative applications of their techniques and designs.



As in other countries, Mexico ́s crafts communities are   suffering great losses, specially those who work with textiles. Their market has almost disappeared due to the increase in competition, resulting from the wide variety and low prices of highly industrialized products.




There are shocking stats of how much we are finishing our resources and ecosistems. From Global warming, to species depletion, to deforestation and sea pollution. For Anudando is very important to counteract and support more sustainable ways of working how fast we are exhausting resources and damaging ecosystems. We look at what we can do from a local level. 


We are an honest company, honest with our employees, our craftsmen, and our clients. For Anudando, honesty is essential to achieve sustainability in the triple bottom line: society, economy and environment.





Anudando ́s products are the result of a joint collaboration between different parties: the design team, the craftsmen and our external partners. Together we all aim for one thing, to create beautiful and functional objects with the least environmental impact and that carry a story. The story of each of our makers, the story of a beautiful and diverse country, and last but not least, the story of each wonderful product.







Our strategy and working philosophy:

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