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We thought the Eco Fairtrade Fair to which we went with Michelle was so special that we decided to share bit more with you all. It is always encouraging and a great pleasure to go to events such as this one. 

Although a small event, as it was the first event of its kind at Tomás Moro school, it has been one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had so far. The school prepared the children for this event by carrying out classes and classroom activities related with the topics - sustainability, waste management and fair-trade. On the day, children came to you asking super interesting strategic questions. They were very intrigued and focused.

The parents of the children were also welcomed to the event, and together as families was also lovely to have them at our spot, asking questions and engaging with the materials and the products. We had very interesting conversations and there was a lot of interest on getting the school to start collecting the plastic bags for us.

Off course, as you saw in our previous blogpost, the spinning wheel was a real trigger, all the children wanted to give a go to spinning. Michelle was in charge of the spinning wheel whilst I was on the other side selling and chatting to the passers by. A very dynamic duo we were!

We have now planned a couple of introductory sessions to have with the children for the next academic year. Through the session they will learn which type of bags are most suitable for us, what are the impacts of this bags if they don’t get to us and instead go to the bin, or worse, get thrown on the streets and into the oceans. And most important of all, they will engage with the process and become part of it.