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From June 27 to January 31 Anudando and Precious Waste are part of a wonderful exhibition at Museum Boerhaave about waste and recycling in a historical context. At "Rijk van Rotzooi" or "Wealth of Waste" you can see for instance how people used urine to dye textile two hundred years ago and how street waste was collected to make gunpowder. Of course the exhibition also shows some creative ways of dealing with "modern" waste such as jeans and of course, in our case, plastic bags.  

So if you're heading to Leiden, be sure to pay a visit to Museum Boerhaave. The exhibition and also the rest of the museum are a great source of inspiration and provide another look at how what some people view as waste is really a valuable resource. For more info about the exhibition and the museum click here. 

We are very happy to take part in this exhibition, and thrilled with the latest rumours that say the exhibition is going on well into 2016, so make sure you pop by if you’re in the area!